A short photograph report from the

Preparation of the ICT on Demand project (Phase 2,  100 computers for South Africa)

at the Zadkine ICT College in Spijkenisse

                                                                                    November 2009 – February 2010

The announcement of ADCC ICT project

Groups were made

Students are being instruct


The testing and installing begins

Students are testing the hardware

Cleaning and testing

Keyboard are also tested and cleaned

Mouse’s are tested al well

Preparations for shipping

Monitors has been checkt

Instructor Peter Hoving and Teacher Kenneth Robinson

The packing of the hardware

Registering and packing

The Boxes were sorted

Some of the boys who did it

The transportation to the Embassy The sighning of the papers The  hand over to the Ambassador

End of the round trip

Working for Africa

ICT on Demand from ADCC is also fun.