The ADCC and SRADiCC are having their meeting on a regular base.

Below you will find some of the big activities we organise or join.

1. Town Hall Meeting 21th of March 2007

2. Town Hall meeting 14th of April 2007

3.  African Union - Caribean Diaspora Conference in London UK

4.  African Union Europe meeting in Paris

5. Town Hall meeting in The Hague on the 25th of August 2007

    - invitation in Dutch  - invitation in EnglishBackground - Purpose

6. Regional Consultative Conference 11 and 12 september

    - in Paris. Please click here for the outcomes of the different commisions

7. Summit in South Africa 16-18 November was a succes.       

8. Town Hall meeting 1th of March 2008 was a succes thanks to participants

9. Town Hall meeting, September 20 2008

10. Africa day celebration 2010

11. See the home page for donation (ICT on Demand project) to South

     Africa and Ghana.

12. Participation in the Technical Commission of Experts (febr. 2011)